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Our Story

At KOTO Candles we are passionate about home fragrance, however we also care about quality ingredients that are good for both us and the environment. With this in mind we have developed a collection of products to fragrance your home naturally. At the moment we have five scents ranging from citrus to floral to herbaceous and we are sure you will find one for you within this collection. All our candles are made using three ingredients, rapeseed wax, essential oils and a cotton wick.


Let's talk about wax (baby!)

Wax is the largest part of the candle, with that in mind we took our time deciding on the type of wax we should use. After a lot of research and testing we decided to use rapeseed wax for our candles, the reasons are numerous but here are a few:

-Rapeseed can be sourced in the UK and Europe, which means the carbon emissions required to get it to us are significantly lower than wax imported from around the globe.

-It does not create harmful toxins, its sustainable, bees love rapeseed flowers, it can be used as animal feed and it is not genetically modified. 

-Most importantly is does not contribute to deforestation.

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